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Product Spotlight

Toolmind is a remote monitoring system with the ability to automatically stop a process when either pressure or temperature are outside of your specified parameters. The original product line was comprised of a Base Station, one installable Sensor, and a Handheld Reader. Now, the Toolmind lineup is expanding to include two new Sensors as well as a signal Repeater. 


The Updated Lineup: 

  • Base Station (Existing) – A central hub to monitor many tools with 12 remote sensors per tool. 

  • Handheld Reader (Existing) – Portable scanner on-the-spot operational adjustments. 

  • Sensor 1 (Existing) – Sensor that updates every 20 seconds for general applications. 

  • Sensor 2 (NEW) – Sensor that updates every 40 seconds for extended sensor life. 

  • Sensor 3 (NEW) – Sensor that updates every 0.5 seconds for tool try-out and development. 

  • Repeater (NEW) – Boosts the signal for a stronger signal at long ranges. 


In Storage: Sensors installed on applications in storage can ensure your tool is ready to go at a moment’s notice – ensuring fast and efficient production switchovers. 

In Production: With the Toolmind Base Station, set parameters for temperature and pressure, and enable an automatic shut-off when either is outside of the limits to stop production of faulty parts. 

For Maintenance: Use the Toolmind Handheld Reader in preventative maintenance to safely evaluate an application without needing to break into the pressure zone.  

Toolmind EcoSystem.png
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